Heavenly Matched - Israel Trip

Dear Christian Traveler,

“Heavenly – Matched” is a Christian Social Travel Ministry created with a vision from God.  The organization realized that through the eyes of others, the name “Heavenly – Matched” could be perceived as one of the many services that attempt to match people with one another through the help of personal ads, 900-numbers, videos, and/or computers. “Heavenly – Matched” is not a dating service.

If you and I are aware of what “Heavenly – Matched” may appear through our eyes, God certainly is aware of how all things are perceived. Yet, God gave us the vision and the words “Press on Christians, the more opposition the more honor “.

 When things become real in the spiritual realm, by faith they become a reality in the real world. The organization started with faith, we had never seen nor heard of a “Christians Travel Ministry” business, but you should remember you walk by faith not by sight. We are thankful for God’s favor and the successfully rapid growth of Heavenly www.masterpapers.com.au – Matched Travel Ministry. First, acknowledging God we are also thankful to numerous people, ministers, family and friends who helped us clarify our vision.

“Heavenly-Matched travel is dedicated and very committed in providing a variety of 1st class individual & group travel, cruises, social events, activities, air and land packages within a Christian atmosphere. We believe Christians draw strength from one another.

We-know-and-God knows we can not do without one another. Some of the important words used throughout  the bible  are “fellowship”, “partnership”, “communion”, “participation”,  or  “giving to one another”.

P.S.  Relationship with God bears great fruit whenever it is rooted in relationships with others.


Ronald Ward